November 7, 2017

W Enterprise partners with Inspiring Girls

Inspiring Girls International will work with W Enterprise to establish its profile and secure sponsorship for a global campaign.

W Enterprise, which specialises in working with fast-growing and ambitious organisations, will elevate the profile of Inspiring Girls International among major global businesses, with a view to launching media partnerships, pioneering events and agenda-setting research within the next 12 months.

Formally launched by award-winning consultancy W in summer 2017, W Enterprise is Britain’s first B2E (business to everyone) agency. Designed to build, enhance and protect the reputations of companies and organisations of all sizes – from dynamic start-ups to global corporations.

Becky Charles, Director, W Enterprise, said: “Inspiring Girls has a vital role in giving tomorrow’s women around the globe access to role models who will inspire them, and in challenging the barriers that can prevent girls from fulfilling their dreams – wherever they live. We are very much looking forward to working alongside the talented team at Inspiring Girls to help supercharge its profile and bring its vision to life.”

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