November 10, 2016

Redraw the balance

The leading creative agency MullenLowe London has captured in the “Redraw the balance” video how the gender stereotypes are shaping the children’s aspirations.

The pro-bono film has been made for the Education and Employers Taskforce charity, that has kindly agreed to share the video with Inspiring Girls International.

In the film ‘Redraw The Balance’ three female ‘teachers’ ask a typical classroom of children in the UK to draw people with exciting and aspirational careers; a firefighter, a surgeon, and a fighter pilot. The children drew 66 pictures in total with only 5 depicting women. They are asked if they would like to meet real-life versions of these drawings and return to the classroom in their uniforms, revealing themselves not to be teachers, but Ms Tamzin Cuming, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon in London, and member of the Women in Surgery (WinS) group at the Royal College of Surgeonsn, firefighter Lucy of the London Fire Brigade, and Lauren, an active RAF pilot.

Inspiring Girls International would like to thank MullenLowe London and the Education and Employers Taskforce charity for sharing the film with us in a common effort to break down gender stereotypes and preconceptions that affect children – and, specially, girls - from a very early age.