December 1, 2016

Our partner in Italy, Valore D, supports the Inspiring Girls Spain’s launch

Valore D, Association of 155 companies that promotes diversity, talent and women's leadership, is proud to participate in the presentation of the project Inspiring Girls in Spain, being partner of the initiative in Italy, where the project will start next spring.

"Inspiring Girls is a wonderful project - said Claudia Parzani, Ambassador of the initiative and Valore D's former president- because it tackles the main obstacle to women's professional growth, that is stereotypes and the self-limitations that weight on girls shoulders and hold back their ambition and self-esteem. This project can set their talents free, providing meaningful role models in the schools".

In Italy, the project will be launched next spring involving the Ministry of Education. Starting from 2018, an online platform will be available to schools and mentors in order for them to autonomously organize meetings, thus enabling the initiative to spread nation-wide and Inspiring Girls to be a real change-booster for younger girls.

Today, Valore D is glad to be in Madrid to better understand how the program is structured in another country and congratulates Miriam Gonzáles Durántez and Marta Pérez Dorao.