December 3, 2018

Inspiring Girls Spain holds first Awards Ceremony

Girls, volunteers, teachers, companies, friends and supporters all attended an awards ceremony held by the Inspiring Girls Spain team last week. This was to celebrate those who have participated and collaborated with the campaign in Spain, to recognise their contributions in raising the aspirations of girls.

One of the special guests was the Minister Teresa Ribera, who presented the Inspirational Company prize to Acciona, the main sponsor and first company to support Inspiring Girls Spain.

Another highlight was presenting the Ambassador of Inspiring Girls Spain 2018 award to Javier Solans, Managing Director of P&G, a champion for the cause of equal opportunities.

Later on in the ceremony, after Sergio Martín a TVE journalist, delivered the Inspiring School Award to the San Sebastián Public School, its director, Miren Alvarez Chillida, said that the girls who were there two years ago at Spain’s first event have not forgotten it. "They still remind me although they are not in school anymore. I do not know any other way to change society than education.”

A particularly magical moment was when Nathalie Picquot, Director General of Twitter, awarded the prize of Inspiring Girl to Valeria Corrales, a 10-year-old who is passionate about robotics. Valeria said "Girls can be princesses if we want, but we can also be engineers, which is what I want." She was delighted to meet Nathalie, who kindly offered her a visit to the Twitter offices!

Other awards encompassed inspirational achievements in Art, Music, Sport, Education, being Pioneering Volunteers and for Sponsors who made a difference.

After a wonderful ceremony, it is not surprising that all attendees were full of positive energy and had a smile: the entrepreneurs and executives present; the teams of the sponsoring companies such as P&G, Pfizer, HSF and Accenture; collaborators including 360º and the San Pablo CEU University; celebrities such as Ana Turpin, Lydia Torrent, Nieves Alvarez; journalists of all media (including Gloria Lomana and Sergio Martín), influencers, sportswomen, politicians, girls – were all there because in this campaign we want everyone to get involved.

Huge congratulations to Marta, Paula and the whole team in Spain for creating such a fantastic event. This was an unforgettable day and will continue to inspire everyone who participated for many more years.