November 5, 2018

Inspiring Girls launches in Costa Rica

We are delighted to announce that the next country to launch the Inspiring Girls campaign is Costa Rica - joining Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Peru as our sixth country in Latin America.

The campaign will be led by Vivian Liberman, a Partner at law firm BLP and banking law expert in San José.

Chair and Founder of Inspiring Girls, Miriam Gonzalez says, “With Vivian leading the campaign, we will work to challenge gender stereotypes and help build the confidence of the next generation of women in Costa Rica. Together we will provide access to more female role models for young girls and raise their aspirations.”

According to the Global Gender Gap Report of the WEF, Costa Rica is ranked 33 on the list of the countries that fight for equality. Data provided by UNESCO indicates that 44% of the persons dedicated to research in Costa Rica are women - yet, as of 2018, they earn just 85% of the pay received by men in the same position.

There is a singular opportunity in Costa Rica because, for the very first time they have reached 50% of political representation by women, not only in the Legislative Assembly but also in the Executive Branch. This situation helps to motivate girls and teenagers by raising their awareness that every day many women make decisions to guide the country, the community, their families, and public and private organizations of all types.

Vivian, the new Chair of Inspiring Girls Costa Rica says, “By launching the Inspiring Girls movement in Costa Rica, we are in a unique position to contribute to the country’s development and to inspire girls and teenagers to visualize a future in which they can be the main protagonists.”

More news will follow on events and plans for 2019. In the meantime - Welcome Costa Rica!