April 9, 2018

Inspiring Girls launches campaign in Colombia

We are delighted to announce that the next country to launch the Inspiring Girls campaign is Colombia, joining Chile, Brazil and Mexico as our fourth country in Latin America, alongside Serbia, Spain and Italy in Europe.

The campaign will be led by the new Chair of Inspiring Girls Colombia, Angela Feged Mora, an independent real estate agent in Bogotá. Angela says, “Inspiring Girls motivates me because it works towards the empowerment of girls so that they can achieve their dreams. The empowerment of women and girls is essential to boost economic growth and promote social development. It is for this and many other reasons that I believe that Inspiring Girls can have a great impact here in Colombia and on global society.”

In a study by KPMG, data indicated that of 100% of women working in Colombia, only 7% of them are placed in a leadership position or a managerial role. In this regard, Isabella Gandini, leader of the Labour Area Norton Rose Fulbright partnership, said that in Colombia the low percentage of women in senior positions in companies is due to a cultural issue that encompasses Latin America in general. Women are still predominantly considered to be responsible for home life, caring responsibilities, and children’s needs. While these additional tasks and work continue to be assigned to women it creates an inequality and puts barriers in place for women to go into more senior roles at work.

According to Martha Ordóñez, presidential counsellor for gender equality in Colombia, typecasting women encourages them to choose care-related careers. Ordóñez says, "Nursing, pedagogy, psychology, social work and communication are careers that tend to have a high number of women. On the other hand, engineering, finance, architecture and other careers are characterised by being for men. This only serves to perpetuate the idea that women serve limited purposes, and that certain jobs are just for men."

Another area of concern in Colombia is political representation. Based on the results of the 2018-2022 Congress elections in Colombia, women will only occupy 19.9% of Congress, which means out of 276 possible seats only 55 of them are occupied by women. Quotas have indicated this should be 30%, but there is still a long way to go to achieve 50/50 parity.

Chair and Founder of Inspiring Girls, Miriam Gonzalez says, “I’m so excited to have Colombia join Inspiring Girls. Angela will be leading the campaign to connect girls with more female role models, to breakdown gender stereotypes and instil confidence. This is a fantastic opportunity to make positive changes for girls and women in Colombia.”

More news will follow on the official launch and plans for 2018. In the meantime - Welcome Colombia!