May 4, 2017

Inspiring Girls, in Latin America soon

Chile will be the first country in Latin America to implement the Inspiring Girls campaign.

Macarena Salosny, an expert in international coaching and gender issues, will lead the initiative in Chile, where she is already generating a positive response.

Despite comprising more than half of the population of Chile, women make up 44% of the workforce and the pay gap is up to 42% for women doing the same job as men.

While Chilean girls are amongst the most optimistic in the world about gender equality in the future, the reality is that only 17% of women occupy senior or managerial positions, and just 10% have completed a University degree.

Macarena Salosny, Chair of Inspiring Girls Chile, has said: “We are very excited to bring Inspiring Girls to Chile. Women still suffer from gender stereotypes and it is crucial that we address the situation from very early on, so we can offer a better future for the next generation of women.”

Miriam González, Founder and Chair of Inspiring Girls International has said: “I am thrilled to welcome Chile to the Inspiring Girls team. Macarena couldn’t be a better choice to lead the campaign in the country and we do hope that Chile is just the beginning of our journey in Latin America.”

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