September 28, 2018

Brazil say You Are Incredible! at huge event

Inspiring Girls Brazil organized a spectacular career-insight event with their main campaign sponsor INVOLVES, a technology company in São Jose. The event was called ‘You Are Incredible!’ – and it truly lived-up to its title.

INVOLVES have just signed the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 and are implementing various actions to attract more women to work in the company as developers and programmers. INVOLVES are committed to Inspiring Girls Brazil because they want to influence girls to work in technology and engineering.

Ten role models participated in the event, all employees of the company, passionate about our campaign to raise the aspirations of girls to dream high.

300 students from 5 different public schools in São Jose participated in the inspirational event. The students are from a severely deprived area with little to no opportunities for the girls to learn about careers, or attend any kind of educational events. For a majority of the girls, it was the first time they were going outside of their community and school, they had never been to a company’s office or heard about a ‘career event’.

The girls learnt about a variety of digital jobs, many of which they didn’t know existed, and benefitted from the incredible experience of the 10 different female role models.

Hundreds of girls were inspired at the event in São Jose, which can now open their horizons to more ideas, removing barriers and changing the message that opportunities are limited for them. These girls are now better informed to make their own choices for their futures.

The media participated in the event, and filmed footage was on the lunchtime news: