August 17, 2017

Brazil joins Inspiring Girls International network

The latest country to launch the Inspiring Girls campaign is Brazil, who join Chile as our second country in Latin America.

Today, the Inspiring Girls Brazil launch is taking place during the opening event of the EMPREENDE MULHER (Women Entrepreneurship 2017) at the Legislative Assembly of the State of Santa Catarina where about 700 women entrepreneurs are expected. A great start to the campaign, with plenty more events planned.

The campaign is led by Corinne Giely-Eloi of Springboard Brasil, and is officially supported by CEME (Women Entrepreneurship State Council) where Corinne is a volunteer director and part of the Project Committee. Corinne says: “We are excited to get started and have lots of plans for the campaign in Brazil. We know so much can be achieved through the Inspiring Girls campaign.”

Welcome Brazil!

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