What We Do

Inspiring Girls International is an organisation dedicated to raising the aspirations of young girls around the world by connecting girls and female role models.

Our goals are:

  • Exposing young girls (10-15 years old) to the full variety of jobs, roles and options in life; and
  • Inspiring them to aim high
Inspiring Girls - What we do

How does the campaign work?

We connect female role models and young girls around the world.

Face to face sessions between girls and women:

Face to face sessions between girls and women:

  • By volunteers going to schools to talk to a group of girls for one hour about their life, career, ups and downs, choices and experiences in the work place and in life.
  • By organising flagship speed-dating events to give publicity to the campaign.
Virtual sessions between the girls and the volunteers

Virtual sessions between the girls and the volunteers:

  • Live sessions using hang-outs.
  • Developing a digital library where the girls can find recorded interviews of the volunteers.
  • Developing an app that allows girls connect with the volunteers (through their schools and the presence of a teacher to avoid any unrelated concerns) so that girls in areas or countries with no access to roles models in a particular field can contact role models in other countries or regions using technological means.

How do we connect the volunteers with the girls?

How do we connect the volunteers with the girls?

National organisations run a data base with all the volunteers and make such volunteers available to schools.

The system works as ‘online dating’: schools choose volunteers that they find interesting for the girls and who live or work near where the schools are; schools then issue invitations to speak to the volunteers, who can freely accept or reject such invitations. Volunteers are asked to make a small introduction about their life and work and then girls put as many questions as they wish to them without any restrictions.

All that we ask from each volunteer is one hour per year – everybody can do it!

Our strategy

Our strategy

Our goal is for every country to implement the campaign locally: local women talking to local girls about the issues of concern in each country.

We believe that the real change for girls only will come from inside, through the women who live in the country, who know the country, and therefore know the issues affecting girls in each country.

Thus, Inspiring Girls International expanding by setting up in each country. Each group is self reliant, but with free access to the resources, expertise and contacts of the Inspiring Girls headquarters.

They are also part of a strong network of campaigns linking all the countries where the campaign is set up, benefiting from each other’s experiences.

What are the trademarks of Inspiring Girls International?

Global coverage

it is an international organisation that operates in any countries interested in implementing the campaign nationally.

Decentralised and unpatronising

Inspiring Girls International coordinates efforts in all countries that undertake the Inspiring Girls campaign and provide global leadership. However, the implementation of the campaign in each country is led by national organisations and female role models in each country, as they are the ones that know best the specificity of challenges that the girls in each of those countries face.


we ask volunteers to give just 1h/per year to talk to young girls at school. Further commitment will be welcomed but not required.

Free exchange of technology and know-how

we share the technology to connect female role models and girls as well as our know-how with any countries interested in implementing Inspiring Girls at no cost in order to maximise the impact of the campaign in every country.


we do not aim to impose any specific role models on girls, but just to expose the full variety of role models to them, from CEOs to apprentices, professional women and stay at home mums, working full time, part time, on a temporary basis... women from all walks of life.

Inspiring Girls - What we do

The facts behind Inspiring Girls International

Gender stereotypes are, regretfully, still a reality in our society. They are constraining the aspirations of young girls all over the world, limiting their choices since a very early age.

Moreover, residual sexism still applies to women and girls of all ages. They are subject to labels at the work place and in society. While this might be just background noise for women of a certain age, it is the background noise against which girls are being brought up. It therefore limits their dreams and aspirations.

Recent surveys in the UK show that by the age of 6 years old, children start looking at jobs as female and male and by 13 they have already discarded some jobs based in gender stereotypes. The situation in many other countries (both developed and developing ones) is very similar.

We could brainwash you with statistics and figures from very well known organisations but we just want to show you a few of them:

Women are underrepresented in STEM subjects.

Only 29% of the world’s researchers are women.

(UNESCO, 2014)

6 in 10 girls stop doing what they love because they feel bad about their looks.

(Girlguiding, 2012)

Globally, women are over-represented in clerical and support positions (63%) and in service and sales roles (55%) compared to managerial occupations (33%).

Between 2000 and 2010 women’s share in male-dominated occupations declined

by 2 points.

(UN, 2015)

Less than 4% of CEOs in the world’s largest 500 corporations are women.

(UN, 2015)

Over 55% of girls aged 11-21 years old in the UK think that they don’t have access to female role models.

(Girlguiding, 2012)

While Governments in every country need to continue being encouraged to take further actions to contribute to change the situation above, we believe that the real change will come from society itself, both men and women, willing to speak up and lead by example through initiatives such as Inspiring Girls International.